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I think in life we all play a character – someone we aspire to be. We take steps on this journey called life, hoping that one day we will get to that destination and become that person we envision ourselves to be. Deep inside, there are so many more facets of our personality – some we hide and some we are scared of. I think that’s what Marilyn Monroe embodied. In some way or form we can all relate, and that’s why 50 years after her death, we are all fascinated about who she truly was.

Personality in a poster

Most retailers are celebrating the Mid Season sale, which means heaven to me! After work, I went on a little shopping expedition and stayed in Myer till close. While they were shoo-ing us away, I stopped and stared at this poster. It took my breath away. If I was a poster, this would be me. Cute, quirky and sweet. I just love it.