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Figments of the imagination

Have you every replayed memories back in your mind over and over again? Do you ever tell the same story using the same words? Sometimes this can be a way of twisting the truth, for you remember only what you know and what you want to remember. It becomes your truth. All too often, we reminisce of all the good memories we once had because it makes us feel happy. In my experience, it’s better not to hold on to those memories too much because one day you’ll wake up and realise, that that was the past and things are different now. You might miss what you had – a person, an object, a pet, an old house, etc. to the point where you get caught up in the past. I try not to dwell on things because I have a tendency to over-analyse things. The mind is such a powerful tool, that you can get caught up in a world that doesn’t even exist – figments of the imagination. You don’t want to wake up one day and realise that you spent so much time thinking, rather than enjoying the moment. It’s better to look forward on the road ahead, for there are better memories to come. Having a fresh start, allows you to create those new memories. So clear your head, take a deep breath, and learn to live in the moment.


Dear Mum

I write when I feel happy, I write when I feel sad,

I write at 1 am, and I write whenever I can,

In writing I find an escape, an escape that carries me through,

For you that don’t know me, I always like to smile,

A smile can be polite, a smile can capture serenity,

But for others it can hide the pain, of days you’d rather not say,

So then no one will ask that one dreaded question, “Are you ok?”

Does it really matter? Do you really care?

They say your mother knows you best, she gave you life and she brought you up,

But she also caused those salty tears streaming down your pretty face,

You look in the mirror, and ask yourself, when can I be gone?

Away from all this, you whisper in the night.

If I could just for one day fly freely and carelessly with the wind, I would,

Dear Mum, how many times do you look in the mirror? How many times can you feel what I feel?

Dear Mum, please know, there are many things I want to tell you,

Of happy moments and sad ones too, but somehow you make it hard,

When you criticise me, when you yell, you make me feel like I want nothing to do with you,

We are but two hearts, that have long lost their way.