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Quotes that have left me in awe and made me stop and reflect.

The life of a 20-something living in Sydney

You casually check your hair in the reflection of retail store windows, as you walk swiftly with a coffee in one hand, while contemplating whether you’ll get to work on time. Multi-tasking. It’s hard. If you’re part of Gen Y, then you’ll most likely want things done efficiently in a timely manner. Whether that be your order at McDonalds when you regret that you wish you had prepared your lunch the night before rather than planning to do it in the morning, which you never really did because your alarm clock was teasing you to press snooze, and you just couldn’t resist, or you just keep making excuses for things you’ve been putting off like that long awaited catch-up brunch with a friend that never really got happened. That sentence doesn’t even make proper sense. I’m probably just really tired, as I sit her lonesome, waiting for my train at Town Hall Station. Whatever, no one really cares. These days it feels as if no one cares. It’s as if we are all just existing, rather than living the life we envisioned. Nameless faces going with the flow of the rat race, especially now that it is leading up to Christmas. When was the last time you had a nice, chill, I-wanna-be-here-and-don’t-have-plans-straight-after chat with an old friend in a relaxed environment? These days we are all busy. We stuff our food with fast food during breaks at work. Or we chump on a high calorie, high sugar ‘snack’ like a triple chocolate fudge muffin, while simultaneously gulping down expresso that burns your tongue because you tell yourself, “I just don’t have time”. Am I angry at the world that things have just gotten so out of control? Am I angry at myself for wanting to chase my ‘blurred’ dreams because I’m a success-hungry 20-something? If you’ve ever felt this way, then don’t fear you’re not alone. We just need to do one thing, and that’s to relax. Problem solved.


In a distance so close it made me feel strangely comfortable,

In a moment of nothing but bliss, I looked into your eyes,

I noticed how often they change colour in different lights,

I also noticed how bad I wanted you, but couldn’t have you.


That accidental brush against my shoulder, it stirs me inside,

All that hoping and wishing, it drives me crazy inside,

Sometimes it’s easier not to look your way, for it breaks my heart inside,

That’s how I feel, that’s exactly how I feel inside.

There’s always hope. You just have to believe there is.

There are times when we find ourselves thinking constantly of all our worries and insecurities because it is our ‘default setting’ to believe that we are the centre of the everything. That everyone and every thing is against us and it is our mission to prove everybody wrong, all those that wronged us, doubted our abilities and did not believe in us. But in reality some people are in a far worse condition than us…poverty, debt, or hearing for the first time you have been diagnosed with cancer.

Sometimes you just need to get outside, soak in the sunshine and breath fresh air in and out for a while. Then remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be. In the words of Phillip Yancey, “I have learnt that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse.”


I think it’s better to not be in a relationship just for the sake of being in one because you know your worth and what you’re worthy of.

I’ve skimmed through a few blogs in the last few minutes, and I’ve realised how important self-respect is. To me, it’s important to find successes in different parts of your life because that is what I believe will make you ultimately happy.

Figments of the imagination

Have you every replayed memories back in your mind over and over again? Do you ever tell the same story using the same words? Sometimes this can be a way of twisting the truth, for you remember only what you know and what you want to remember. It becomes your truth. All too often, we reminisce of all the good memories we once had because it makes us feel happy. In my experience, it’s better not to hold on to those memories too much because one day you’ll wake up and realise, that that was the past and things are different now. You might miss what you had – a person, an object, a pet, an old house, etc. to the point where you get caught up in the past. I try not to dwell on things because I have a tendency to over-analyse things. The mind is such a powerful tool, that you can get caught up in a world that doesn’t even exist – figments of the imagination. You don’t want to wake up one day and realise that you spent so much time thinking, rather than enjoying the moment. It’s better to look forward on the road ahead, for there are better memories to come. Having a fresh start, allows you to create those new memories. So clear your head, take a deep breath, and learn to live in the moment.