What I Learned About Graduating College, 4 Years After Graduating College

Uni can be so daunting at times, especially when you are in the midst of exams like I am. But you just have to keep going, do the work, and hope for the best. “[Uni] is not a great social experience in itself, but it becomes amazing once you find the right people to share it with.” After reading this post, I’ve realised from within that I need to stop looking back and stop looking too much into the future. Just do your best in the moment.

Thought Catalog

I graduated from college almost exactly four years ago, meaning I have been out of college for almost exactly as long as I was there. This year’s graduating class is the last one in which I know even a handful of people; everyone younger exists only as a possibility. I’ve been reflecting lately about being, as Tommy Pickles would say, “all growed-up,” and I’ve been wondering what I can actually say I have learned about myself, and what advice – if I were in any way qualified to give it – I would offer.

It’s not that I feel as though I have an amazing or inspirational post-grad success story to share. On the contrary, I’ll take all the guidance I can get on how to be a functioning young adult. But I feel that over these past four years there are certain (and still only few) things I have…

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