20-something and lost?


So last night I came home from an exam, telling myself I’m going to take a short break when I get home because I need to re-energise. By doing so, I’ll feel pumped to study all the way till the early hours of the night. Then I can wake up the following morning and feel satisfied. It didn’t happen. I watched The Voice UK instead and used Snapchat to send snaps of myself with my feet up on the coach with the tagline ‘Queen of Procrastination’. I didn’t only procrastinate for 1 hour, but several hours. By the time I settled into bed, it was 1 am! Now this is something I really need to change. TV can be such a waste of time. Thinking too much can be such a waste of time. I’ve come to realise that there are not enough hours of the day to get done what you have set out to do. Therefore, you need to make the most out of the time you have. “Do it now, not later.”

This leads me to a TED video that had such a powerful impact on me. “Your ordinary day to day life has an inordinate impact on who you will become,” was one of the messages that really stood out to me. I think if you want to change something about yourself for the better, you should do now. For all those larger life decisions, there’s no better time than to do it in your twenties. Stop dating that ‘boyfriend’ who takes you for granted. Stop indulging in food to make yourself feel better. Stop what it is that is making you feel unhappy. Most importantly, stop feeling lost in your twenties because you don’t have to!

I’ve made it a point this year, to take control of the things that have always weighed me down like my weight. It led me to trying new things like taking up taekwondo. To be honest with you, I felt like quitting in the first week because the sessions were just so intense physically. Most of the time, I didn’t know what I was doing. But in the end, I didn’t quit. After 3 months of sticking to it, I managed to work my way up to yellow belt from white belt. Find what it is that makes you happy, and I assure you, you will live a more productive and beautiful life. You will get more in return more than what you expected. If you’re not sure what it is that makes you happy, then it’s a great time to take initiative and take up a hobby, try something different. You never know what doors you can open when you just try. I guess, you can say, I’m on the road to self-discovery. At the end of the day, you can choose the life you want to live. What I want to tell myself, is that you can choose to procrastinate, or you can choose to just get on with it’ and do what you set out to do.

As Meg Jay puts it, “Do something that adds value to your life. Do something that is an investment in who you want to be next.”

Yours truly, from a 21-year-old girl who has rea

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If I was to describe myself in a nutshell, I am a 23-year-old, who just graduated! I am someone who is full of spirit, likes to dress cute, has big dreams, and is somewhat adventurous, with quirks that make people smile. Some people have a clear direction of what path they want to follow in life. I on the other hand, have decided to simply follow what make me happy. If you've been doing a little soul searching lately or you're still trying to define the meaning of life, well I can tell you this, if you can't figure out your purpose on this planet, find what it is that you're passionate about. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose. Open your heart. Listen with an open mind. And for God's sake, live a little! I hope you stay a while and read about my 20-something rants, antics and adventures in Sydney, and perhaps pick up a thing or two.

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