I see a cute whale

On my way to work, I always pass this small little gifts and stationary store in Queen Victoria Building, Sydney. Its called Page 2. It’s been there ever since I could remember. Yesterday, I came across this piece of awesomeness – a cute, quirky hand-crafted glass Minke whale necklace. It’s definitely my style. As part of an outfit, it would be the centre piece. I’d wear it with a summer dress in a shade of blue to complement the softness and quirkiness that the necklace elicits. It reminds me of the sea, and I can’t tell you how much I love the water. It just makes me feel calm and at peace with the world. It’s almost like the gentle breeze washes away my worries, for at least s little while. All in all, this piece is definitely a keeper.


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About Donna

If I was to describe myself in a nutshell, I am a 23-year-old, who just graduated! I am someone who is full of spirit, likes to dress cute, has big dreams, and is somewhat adventurous, with quirks that make people smile. Some people have a clear direction of what path they want to follow in life. I on the other hand, have decided to simply follow what make me happy. If you've been doing a little soul searching lately or you're still trying to define the meaning of life, well I can tell you this, if you can't figure out your purpose on this planet, find what it is that you're passionate about. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose. Open your heart. Listen with an open mind. And for God's sake, live a little! I hope you stay a while and read about my 20-something rants, antics and adventures in Sydney, and perhaps pick up a thing or two.

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